About me...
I am a multi-talented person living in S. California. I have my fingers in many pies, including writing articles online, photography, working as a psychic, making and selling arts & crafts, juggling, traditional archery and much more. I am just now starting a Weebly site so things are going to be a bit scrambled for awhile. Please bear with me.
This site is about my life, my art, and my passions (at least the g-rated ones).
You might wonder where my whole obsession with bacon started. I remember fond memories of waking up to the smell of bacon at breakfast time. With five kids in the house, you didn't dawdle when it came time to eat.
Eventually bacon was vilified as the naughty food you shouldn't eat if you expected to have a waistline and not die of heart failure at age 40. But being overweight and having one of my favorite foods on the hit list only made me want it all the more.
Then in the health conscious 80's I went through the turkey bacon phase.  Talk about fake bacon. Blech. It was stamped by a machine I think.
Then I met Guy. I think he likes bacon more than I do, only he prefers the bacon ends and pieces. This random and odd bacon is my favorite. Sometimes the pieces are awesome and other times they are awful, but part of not knowing what the next package will look like is what holds my interest.
My favorite is bacon and fried eggs, but I also like bacon and egg burritos, bacon and lettuce and tomato sandwiches (blt) and the occasional wilted spinach salad with real bacon sprinkled on it.

This is me.

Why did I name this Carpe Bacon?

It's a Latin pun I made up meaning to seize the bacon. One day at archery practice I crocheted a bacon and egg scarf. It was a big hit in my Etsy shop. Then I noticed bacon has a huge following. So when this name came to mind this morning, I had to have it. Either that or I'm just hungry because I skipped breakfast and it's almost lunchtime.You can see the original scarf in the banner.
Little Oinker
Crocheted amigurumi piggy.
Four strips of bacon. Each one different.
Two strips of faux bacon and one fried egg. Crocheted in acrylic yarn. Cat and plate not included.
Birdie  Finger Puppet
Knitted hat.